Warning Labels

While some consumer products, which are choking hazards, currently have packaging warning labels, many more do not.

As was case over one hundred years ago, many companies are reluctant to place warning labels, because of economic concerns.

Oscar Meyer is one company which should be congratulated for adding a warning label to their hot dog products (as illustrated below).

For caustic (alkali) products, it is not clear if small, symbolic keep out of reach of young children warning labels are as effective as skull and crossbones warning labels.

Disc batteries and gel candies continue to be sold without any warning label.

Here are some links re: consumer advocacy. You can contact your representative(s) to express your concerns about the lack of warning labels on many choking hazards.

Consumer Advocacy Resources

Did You Know?!

In the European Union each year, approximately 20 children (14 years or younger) die from choking on a toy.[Ref:34]