Parents and care givers play an
essential role in teaching and preventing
children from choking.

This website has important information, which can help you teach children — and other people you know.

Gel Candy 2

What Are the Most Lethal Hazards?

Hot dogs, grapes, gel candies, disc batteries and popped balloons are only a few of the many foods and objects which have caused choking tragedies.


How to Prevent Others from Choking?

Simple strategies, such as making play areas "toddler-safe" and teaching children to sit quietly while chewing and swallowing, could prevent many choking accidents.


Who is Behind This Initiative?

Doctors, nurses and many concerned parents have provided support and advice regarding the creation of this website. Scientific studies in countries such as Israel, Crete and Canada have also provided evidence that children can and should be taught in school about choking hazards and prevention.