Choking is the third most common
cause of accidental death in children,
in Canada.[Ref:3]

Sobering Statistics


Around the world, each day, at least 3 children choke to death on food or other objects.[Ref:1][Ref:2][Ref:34]


In the US, every year, over 12,000 children visit an Emergency Room because of food-related choking.[Ref:1]

Almost anything that fits in a young
child’s hand
can be a choking hazard.[Ref:42]

Various Choking Hazards


Coins usually lodge in the esophagus. They are most common aero-digestive foreign body requiring removal under general anaesthesia.

Gel Candies “Mini Fruit Gels”

Probably the world's most dangerous choking hazard.

Disc Batteries

These may look similar to a coin, but they can burn through the esophagus in as little as 2 hours and become lethal. Please keep disc batteries out of reach of toddlers and young children.

Hot Dogs

Until children are at least 5 years old, please cut hot dogs lengthwise twice; then chop into small pieces.

Grapes, Cherry Tomatoes, etc.

Until children are at least 5 years old, grapes, cherry tomatoes, large blueberries and chunks of mango should be cut into small pieces.

Who hasn’t held
a thumbtack
a pencap
a sewing needle
or sunflower seeds

between their lips?

Impending Dangers

Although 78% of choking accidents occur in children younger than 6 years, teens and adults can also choke.[Ref:3][Ref:4]

Never hold hardware or sunflowers seeds between your lips!

See the Thumbtack extraction case.

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